Free courier shipping from Auckland
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Forbrain – Voice and Speech Training Device – Free Shipping
Forbrain – Voice and Speech Training Device – Free Shipping
Forbrain – Voice and Speech Training Device – Free Shipping
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Forbrain – Voice and Speech Training Device – Free Shipping

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Forbrain® is a revolutionary multi award-winning voice and speech training device.  

The video below, from a music and voice coaching school in Australia, shows how a student's voice speed and precision change instantly when putting on the Forbrain® headset. 

The Forbrain® headset

Patented Dynamic Filter: Processes the sound from the microphone(s). You’ll hear your own voice enhanced – more resonant and vibrant – via the bone conductor on each side.

Bone Conductors: Transmits the sound to your inner ear via vibrations in the temporal bone instead of via the eardrum as in standard headphones.

Microphone 1: Captures your voice.

Microphone 2: Captures the voice from your teacher or coach (optional).

External sound source: Jack to connect Forbrain® to your phone or laptop with an online language course, audio book, training programme, or music (optional).

How the Forbrain® headset works

The pioneering technology improves voice perception for enhanced auditory processing, all thanks to bone conduction and a dynamic filter.

Forbrain® is a voice and speech training device and scientifically proven to enhance cognitive processes and outputs such as voice quality, sound discrimination, stuttering, general cognitive functioning, and reading ability. Created by the trustees of the Tomatis® Method, Forbrain® uses your voice to train the brain to process sensory information more effectively. 

From the moment you speak, the device modulates the sound of your voice using the dynamic filter. This revolutionary technology analyses and enhances the voice, amplifying frequencies and rhythm. The headphones immediately transmit the sounds back to you through bone conduction via the temporal bones, which retrains the brain’s auditory feedback loop.

How our technology helps

Your brain is capable of learning and readapting throughout your lifetime, so why not give it a boost? The patented device stimulates the brain’s natural auditory process for strengthened attention, memory and speech, and other important life skills.

  • Clearer speech. Forbrain® highlights the sounds of spoken language. It improves self-awareness, sound articulation, and fluency as demonstrated in the video above.
  • Sharper attention. The device sends vocal feedback to alert the brain which increases attention span, energy, and comprehension.
  • Stronger memory. Forbrain® aids memory by lighting up brain pathways that result in increased productivity and retention. 

Who will benefit

Schoolchildren can fast-track their learning and grow their self-confidence for better performance in classroom activities and homework. University students can perform at a higher level and alleviate the pressure of intense learning during study, job interviews, or extracurricular activities.

Professionals can see their career take off with newfound confidence. Forbrain® is suitable for anyone who needs to use their voice to make an impact. Seniors can enhance their cognitive abilities for healthier ageing where you enjoy improved mental wellbeing and quality of life.

Those working with Special Education Needs can get better therapy results and support the growth of a child’s cognitive development for a stronger start in life. Specialists and Therapists can boost therapy outcomes for children and adults who struggle with improving their speech, attention, or learning abilities. 

For all ages

There are no age limitations from using Forbrain®. 

Money back guarantee

If you're not 100% happy with your Forbrain®, return it to us within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund. We are pretty sure you'll love it, but anyway.

GST inc and free shipping from Auckland

Your Forbrain® will be couriered to you from Auckland, New Zealand, as soon as we get your order. Pay with bank transfer, credit or debit card at checkout. 

Forbrain® is manufactured by Sound for Life Ltd in Hong Kong, and imported for the New Zealand market by their partner company Your Amazing Health Ltd.